Access Information

  • automatic doors and ramp at entrance
  • bring photo ID for security
  • elevators available
  • gender-neutral bathroom available on 7th floor (signage available day of event)
  • multiple types of seating provided
  • event will be live-captioned
  • presenters will use microphones at all times
  • access copies will be available for each event
  • quiet/low sensory room will be available during the event (location TBA)

Access Requests

  • please arrive scent-free! this means, no scented cleaning or bodycare products, including perfumes, essential oils, mists/sprays, lotions, shampoos, soaps, etc.
  • please do not gender people you do not know! default to their names if you’re unsure of pronouns. you are encouraged to ask people’s pronouns!
  • please reserve seating for disabled and chronically ill folks; if you’re able to stand comfortably for the event, please do so
  • please do not use accessible bathroom stalls if you do not need them. leave these available for disabled folks at all times.
  • please do not ask disabled people about their private medical information or give unsolicited advice